Console Specific Advice

This game is played differently on console because of how much tougher it is to aim with a controller than a mouse and keyboard. However, apart from a 10% damage reduction to turrets the game is still balanced the same. This leads to a lot of imbalance which we hope these tips will let you take advantage of. Obviously these rules are very general and are not set in stone. If you're good enough you can gain SR with any hero or strategy, but this advice will help you if you want to gain SR the easiest way possible.

Our first piece of advice is do not play snipers. Don't take this the wrong way. We aren't saying all console snipers are bad. There are many amazing Widow players on console, but it's so tough to master her with a controller that it's just not worth it. You'd be much better off spending that time mastering a more console friendly DPS like Soldier, Tracer or Genji. And the stats show this too. There is one Widow main in the top 500 on console as of now, and they cheat with a mouse and keyboard adapter.

Pharmercy is considered strong on PC right now, so imagine how powerful it could be if her counters recieved a significant damage nerf, and that's how strong the combo is on console. Play Pharmercy, it's incredibly strong, maybe even overpowered on console. DPS players have a much harder time hitting their shots on long range targets with a controller, so the combo is much more powerful on console than PC.

Our next piece of advice only concerns players below diamond. Play Torb+Sym on defence in lower ranks. Turrets have received a 10% damage nerf on console but that's not enough to stop them dominating lower tiers of play. Torbjorn and Symmettra's entirely passive abilities play at effectively a console platnium level, so they are incredibly strong at ranks below that.

Don't join opponents' parties. There is a very good chance you're going to be DDOS'd. This only works on console because the party system is P2P meaning attackers can get your IP when you join their party allowing them to DDOS you. Do join the parties of your team-mates though.

Overwatch has a lot of aim settings on console, they may seem overwhelming but they're actually quite simple. First is sensitivity, where our first piece of aiming advice is don't assume high sens is always better. It really depends on your hero choice and play style and whether you value precise aiming over flicks. Plenty of top 500 console players play with default sensitivity. The next aiming option is window size. Window size is the size of your aim assist's hitbox. Overwatch's is by default very high in comparison to other console FPS games, like COD. So if you want Overwatch to feel more like those games you should turn it down. Aim assist strength is the next signficant aiming option, it's pretty self explanatory, the higher it is, the slower you turn while your reticle's over a target. My advice is to experiment with these settings until you find something that feels right to you.

Buy thumbstick extenders. They're only $7 and improve your aim significantly. Longer thumbsticks allow you to aim with much more precision. If you think they're a gimmick Google some reviews of them, or better yet, find someone in console Esports who doesn't use them. Here's a link to them.

One last piece of advice, do not buy a keyboard and mouse adapter. Blizzard have declared it cheating. It's unfair to everyone else. It's such a significant advantage. If you want to use a mouse and keyboard play on PC.