Dive Comp

If you've played Overwatch competitively you've probably heard of a dive comp before. But what is it? A dive comp is a team composition that requires mobile heroes to dive the enemy team's backlines and kill key targets.

The meta dive comp is Winston, Lucio, Genji, Tracer, Ana and Zarya. Lucio speedboosts in. Winston, Tracer and Genji dive the backlines. Ana and Zarya keep them alive. A lot of other heroes can work. Zarya can be swapped with D.va, Tracer can be swapped with Pharah and all of the healers are viable. Zenyetta in particular can be useful in this comp, his discord orb helps the DPS focus a target and burn them down quicker.

Dive comps are meta right now, in both the pro scene and the high tiers of competitive play. A couple of factors may have caused this, one is that Winston received a buff to his shield cool down time that players are only now getting used to. It also might just be the fact that pros have just figured out the potential of this strategy and competitive players who keep up with the pro scene are copying them.