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Genji flings precise and deadly Shuriken at his targets, and uses his wakizashi to deflect projectiles or delivers a Swift Strike with his technologically-advanced katana that cuts down enemies.


Primary Fire

28 damage per shuriken, 3 shurikens in a linear path where you are aiming. All 3 shurikens can be in different paths if you move your mouse while the animation of throwing them is happening. 1 set of projectiles a second, meaning roughly 80 DPS. Not that heavy on paper.

Secondary Fire

Same damage as Left Click, however this time it's in a cone in front of you rather than a linear path. Better for close engagements, but I'll touch on that later.


Crucial ability for Genji. Lets him dash in out of back lines, resets on kills, and is a great escape. 50 damage, 8 second cooldown. again, resets on kills


Deflect lets you deflect all projectile damage as well as most hit-scan and makes it direct back to where you are aiming. Will also touch on this later. 8 second cooldown, 2 second duration.


Genji pulls out a sword straight from sword art online and goes to town. 6 second duration, 1 second sheath/unsheathe, 120 damage per hit. Your dash also comes off cooldown if you use this while you're waiting for your dash to come back. Note if you are deflecting as the timer runs out, your deflect will end early. Also note that a simple combo to one hit enemies is to dash through them, ult, hit them once, and dash through them again with the reset dash from the ult. totals 220 damage if done correctly.


With the Team

This is normally how you want to start most fights. Although Genji is a great flanker, his effectiveness with the team is uncanny when you consider how much damage he can put out in such a short time with the combos you learn. Being with the team is safer, allows for you to be an easier nanoboost target, and is generally harder to focus in the midst of the rest of your team. When you use your ult, however, it's definitely optimal to go straight for the back line.

Back line/Flanker

How Genji is sold to be played. Sneaky ults, cheeky 1v1s and favorable trades are what make this positioning viable. The difference between this positioning and with the team is mostly play style and how comfortable you are with the character. Just like with widow, learn which to use and when.

Pro tip: If you want to get nano'd a lot more, when you ult, dash into the air just before you press Q at a 60 degree angle roughly. It gives you a ton of vision of the enemies and makes you an easy nano target for your Ana. Trust me, she will thank you for making yourself stick out instead of being next to a lucio.

Play Styles


If done right, this is usually the most effective way to play Genji. However, it takes a lot of knowledge about your match-ups and when to fight who. If you're dragging 2-3 enemies to the back line to peel for the supports, you're doing your job correctly. Be a distraction, even if you don't get a ton of kills. Your mere presence will make the enemy play differently. At higher elos, the back line will play a lot differently, respecting your ability to 1v1 and change fights.

Normal DPS/ Team fighter

This is the safest way to play Genji. Essentially play back line until you see an opportunity to one shot someone with your combo, then execute and regroup. Very simple.

Notable Combos

Right-click melee animation cancel

This is the best for fighting up close. As you throw your shurikens, hit your melee button to stop the animation early and squeeze in 30 extra damage. In longer fights this can be less DPS, but for a one shot this is very important.

One shotting when ulting

Super important if vs a lucio/zen. Dash through your target, and then ult. This resets your dash. Hit them once with the blade, and dash again. This leaves you with a dash again (due to the reset on kills) and doing 220 damage in a very short amount of time.

Escaping using Dash

Not really a combo but still VERY important. Say you get someone to sub 50 HP, but they jump behind a rein shield right before you can shuriken them again. Dash through the rein shield and tag them with your swift strike. Get the kill with the 50 damage, and you can turn around and dash back to your team very quickly and it makes for a safe and effective execution that is very hard to counter.

Communication and Calls

Most of Genji's calls are made by all DPS. Just make sure that you call if you picked someone, where a teleporter is, torb turrets etc. Also call out when you're ulting and if you tell Ana, "Hey I'm going to dash into the air, then ult," She will be ready to nano you. That's really as far as his calls go. Nothing too specific.



Winston is usually the go to counter when the genji is doing his job. It forces him to either take unfavorable 1v1s or retreat to his team. Usually Winston can't 1v1 genji due to his ability to flee, but if you are caught without a dash and he has jump, you're essentially dead. Don't try to take these 1v1s, especially if he has his bubble.


Ana right now is a crazy good counter to almost all flankers. Whoever wins this is dependent on who has better movement and if genji can reflect either the grenade or the sleep. Good luck, it's usually a skill 1v1.


Mei is the devil to any Genji player. She can peel EXTREMELY well, wall off your dashes and generally make your life hard. Don't bother trying to 1v1 her. Your only hope is to have her misplay badly or reflect her ult.


Same situation as Mei. Unless you have ult, don't take this fight. Resist the urge to reflect her beam. It won't do anything.


Widow is hit or miss as a counter. Try to be very unpredictable with your double jump, as it's your most vulnerable spot while 1v1ing her. Get close without her noticing and you should win.

When to Rclick vs. Lclick

This is usually based off of distance from the enemy. If you're closer, it's easier to hit the right click shurikens, especially if you're up against them.

How to Build Ult Quickly

Resets, resets, resets. God damn, his left shift is so good for building ults. Even in the poke at the choke fights if you can dash in, hit ~3 enemies and reflect out, it makes your ult so much easier to build. Genji is really only a monster in early game skirmishes or when he has his ult, so dealing the most direct damage as possible, even if a reset isn't going to happen, is the way to go.


Just like widow, this character comes easily with time. You need to put in hours. No matter how many guides you read, nothing will change how you actually play besides playing. Learn the mechanical skill of his 1v1s.

Climbing up walls is a great way to juke out enemies. Use it when you're waiting for your dash to throw off the enemy.

Always be thinking, "If I go in, can I either get a kill, or get ult charge and get out?" If the answer isn't yes, usually not worth going in unless to stall.

A 1-1 trade with a support is almost always favorable for your team.

Guide Author

This guide was written by Redditor ahlekss. He's a high master level Genji player and does VOD reviews.