Forming Team Compositions

Getting a group of 6 strangers to collaborate and form a decent team composition is tough, some players including you may want to stick to their main. This can lead to some poor team compositions.

If you want someone to switch to benefit the team it’s important to keep the saying “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” in mind. Don’t insult the attack Torb, never in the history of this game has someone thought “Oh, I wasn’t going to switch to help the team but now that they’re calling me a fucking thrower, I think I will”. If you want someone to switch check their career profile to see if they play any hero that would fit your team comp better and ask them kindly to play them.

It’s important to remember that team composition alone isn’t everything. You could force your team into the most meta team comp possible but if everybody’s uncomfortable on the heroes they’re playing you’re still going to lose. If someone has a lot of experience in an off-meta hero it’s probably better to let them just play that hero.